Seven Star Suite

Tyrone Birkett is a New York City based saxophonist, composer and producer. “The Seven Star Suite” is entitled in reference to the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper constellation, which that guided the American enslaved to freedom via the Underground Railroad. This work uses this journey as a metaphor for striving towards freedom from oppression in its myriad forms – racism, classism, xenophobia etc. and to a freedom to “be”. To inspire encouragement for the disinherited in navigating through life in a postmodern world. This is sonically illustrated in 5 movements from “The Departure” to “Freedom Day”. Musically it employs improvisation as well as through composed sections and unique song forms through the Postmodern Spirituals concept. The Negro Spiritual renewed and revived by jazz language, soul and Negro Spiritual/black church music sensibilities. Also in its performances there are collaborations with dancers and spoken word artists as shown here. This performance was made possible largely by a grant from the Puffin Foundation.

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