Sirena’s Gallery

Sirena’s Gallery follows a Salvadoran-American woman’s struggle as an art gallery owner who recently lost her husband to suicide. Sirena must quickly adapt to self-isolation, grief-induced visions, and the virtual world of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic. The film, which was written/directed by Christine Sloan Stoddard, who also stars in it, is currently making the festival circuit. The first public screening of Sirena’s Gallery took place at the Byrd Theatre in Richmond on Aug. 27th, 2021.
The film was produced by Quail Bell Press & Productions with support from 1708 Gallery and VCU ICA in Richmond, VA. ​Funding has been made possible by the Puffin Foundation.

Cast & Crew

Christine Sloan StoddardWriter/director, Sirena

Sherwood Buckley: Image of Quinn, assistant cinematographer

Ghia VitaleFriend #1

Disnie Sebastien: Friend #2

​Zach Bowman:  Voice of Quinn

Art Jones: Gallery patron

Deniz ZeynepGallery patron

Ben NardolilliGallery patron

Donna MoralesGallery patron

Brian ParkerGallery patron

Gretchen GalesGallery patron

Nina Stoddard: Gallery patron

​Tyler Clabby: Gallery patron

Dmitriy KosoyAdditional photography