The Art of Ideas Exhibition

  • Paul Gazda
  • Year Grant Awarded: 2010

“The Art of Ideas,” embodying Paul Gazda’s most challenging and provocative work, offers viewers an immersion into many contemporary topics via the condensed, stimulating experience that only visual art can provide. The exhibition presents technically and conceptually innovative art, touching on politics, science, ethics, history and philosophy. Infused with a spirit of adventure and creative risk-taking, each work explores a different issue, while at the same time resonating with its companion pieces stylistically.

Reflecting on his work, Gazda says, “My unconventional compositions and aesthetic choices grow from my love of artistic adventure and a desire to awaken our senses from the trance of the familiar. Just as I hope the concept of each piece challenges the audience to reflect on their world view, so too, I hope my unusual aesthetic choices cause just enough dissonance to bring the role of art’s aesthetics into the viewer’s consciousness.”

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