The Good Earth Project (2014)

All of earth’s creatures play an important role in the web of life. The stripping of the Amazon, fracking, garbage patches in the ocean, radiation leaks, chemical dumping, GMOs & global warming are just some of what affect all living entities. Visual imagery affirming our natural world is desperately needed at this point in history because the environment is in severe decline. It is with my art form that I hope to raise awareness & focus on what really matters. My artwork consists of sculptures & wall assemblages that take the form of temples & shrines, reflecting a reverence for living creatures. Some are reactions to world events & some are tributes to environmental pioneers. They are made from found/reused/repurposed objects, with a strong focus on creating a jewel like quality.

In order to illustrate the beauty & importance of the animals & creatures that connect to the web of life, I created site-specific installations at four public/non-profit venues in northern California, a library, a charity, a community art space & a city arts center. I was also available at each venue to speak about the environment we all live in. Ordinary people of all ages & from all walks of life were presented with visual art displays that were accessible & approachable, even if they didn’t have any understanding of the formal art world. Although the medium itself was visual, the message was clearly focused on animals, which is a subject everyone can relate since we all want a healthy environment for ourselves & for future generations.

Generous support from the Puffin Foundation allowed me to purchase materials to create installation frameworks as well as transport & install my artwork.