The Green Room (2014)

The Green Room is a project website that was created to explore, research and share ideas about producing sustainable theatre in the North America.
Though many institutions have implemented sustainable practices, the theatre industry as a whole lags behind. Other organizations have started working on finding the sustainable options for other areas of the fine arts, there is a lack of documentation about how much waste theatres are producing and what ways theater are currently or could be practicing more sustainable options. The Green Room’s mission is to discover environmentally friendly options for the production of theatrical events in order to educate theatre practitioners about affordable sustainable practices and give a forum in order to discuss, brainstorm and create green theatre.
The long-term goal is to create a non-profit organization called “The Green Room” that can help individual companies and academic programs find personalized solutions to making their theaters more eco-friendly, while lowering production and facility costs. The organization will provide a network of environmentally conscious resources to the institutions who are involved in The Green Room’s Sustainability initiative.
In order to gather more information about environmental sustainability trends in American theaters and academic programs, I have put together a short survey that is posted online and run through “The Green Room” website. I am using the information from this survey to track supply and energy developments in our country as well as inclinations toward a more sustainable industry.
In addition, the website provides various resources for theatre practitioners to find more information about producing sustainable theatre and also how to live more sustainable lives.

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