The J Street Education Fund

The J Street Education Fund (JSEF) acts as J Street’s 501c3 educational arm in offering a diverse slate of programs – from congressional education to student organizing to movement-building and beyond – that demonstrate the breadth and depth of our vision for change. JSEF works to build and mobilize a well-informed, values-driven, strategic movement with the ultimate goal of transforming American politics and advancing policies to ease and end the occupation, promote diplomacy, secure democracy and ensure a future in which Palestinians and Israelis can live in freedom, peace and security. 

JSEF’s range of work reflects an understanding of the forces we’re up against and the status quo we must continue to challenge. In both the US and in Israel, entrenched, well-resourced forces on the right remain committed to preventing any progress on J Street’s issue-set. JSEF’s work demonstrates the scope of our vision and our strategic approach to transformational change.

We recognize that the civil and human rights violations inherent in the ongoing occupation threaten not only the dignity and aspirations of the Palestinian people but the very future of Israel as both a democracy and a homeland for the Jewish people. J Street’s slate of high-caliber educational programming helps build the power of our pro-Israel, pro-peace and pro-democracy movement — a movement that is leading the charge towards policy solutions that encourage not only a commitment to Israel’s future and security but to the democratic values at the heart of its founding.