The Loneliest

Go ‘behind-the-scenes’ of British nature show Ocean Discovery in this comic mockumentary short film: Violet (a wry camera-girl)
Ingrid (a passionate marine biologist) look for the loneliest whale (with a voice too high for other whales to hear.)

Inspired by the true story of the loneliest whale and the behind-the-scenes diaries of BBC’s Planet Earth, this production was made possible by the generous support of the Puffin Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan science foundation, the Nancy Malone Director’s Award, and the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea. It was shot in 3 days on a small boat, with an entirely female cast and crew on board.

An adventurous film about two women on completely different frequencies, brought together to find the loneliest whale in the world – a real whale who sings at the unique frequency of 52 hertz, too high for other whales to hear. At its core, it’s about the loneliness of not being heard, and unexpected encounters that turn into moments of connection and boost the spirit.

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