Time to Leave

This series was also supported by an Artist Project Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts and was exhibited in many venues: in Queens at LaGuardia Community College, York College Art Gallery and Lewis Latimer House Museum; at the Clemente Center in Manhattan and as part of a digital exhibit at the Watson Institute of Brown University. The work was inspired by many newspaper accounts of people fleeing their homelands and undertaking dangerous journeys for an uncertain future as refugees. From people fleeing war in the Middle East, to the Rohingya of Myanmar, to the desperate Venezuelans searching for food and medicine to people fleeing violence in Central America to the many economic migrants who can’t find work in their own countries, the list goes on and on. I’ve been making work (artists books, mixed media on paper and prints) on this subject for over three years.  The grant supported this group of photopolymer etchings that I print on my etching press.  The images are composed from my own photos, adding text and other digital manipulations and then made into an etching plate by a non-toxic process.