Trail Magic — Grandma Gatewood: An Appalachian Tale

  • Eden Valley Enterprises
  • Year Grant Awarded: 2012

Eden Valley Enterprises has teamed up with WGTE/PBS and FilmAffects to tell this inspirational story with a storytelling program with a companion an e-book and DVD, a one-act play and a PBS Documentary with a companion DVD. (see: )

We have already completed the storytelling program, e-book and DVD. Our one-act play, “Trail Magic”, premiered in August, 2012 during a festival held in Emma’s honor at TrueNorth Cultural Arts Sheffield Village, Ohio. The play will become the backbone of our upcoming PBS documentary. Audience surveys provided us with many comments, most echoing this sentiment:

We are now raising money for the final part of our journey – the PBS documentary. We have already done some filming (get a sneak peak of our first session at ) and we plan to complete the final phases of the project by the end of 2014. (View our trailer at )

In the meantime, as our project grows, Emma continues to inspire. Recently we heard from someone who had talked to a man hiking in Idaho who was working on lightweight hiking. He said he always tried to think about what Grandma Gatewood would pack when he was getting ready for a long distance “light” hike!

As Emma always said, “Most people are pantywaists. Exercise is good for you!”

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