Turbocharging youth voter engagement, especially at community colleges, trade, technical and vocational schools, at People of Color Serving Institutions.

Civic Influencers is a nonpartisan nonprofit that operates hyper-locally in targeted districts and states to support a civic movement that amplifies the voting power of young voters (ages 18-29) year-round. Each year, over 4 million 17-year-olds in the U.S. turn 18 and become eligible to vote. Our mission is to get them to the polls. We believe that saving our democracy is neither a sprint nor a marathon. Rather, it is an intergenerational relay—one where each generation must ensure this sacred right is passed on as seamlessly as possible. 

We approach our work on two levels:

  1. Hiring and training young people on targeted campuses to inspire their peers to vote.
  2. Working with campus administrations to help make it easier for students to vote.

Our young leaders’ success in increasing youth voting across 26 states + the District of Columbia, in 2022, was powered by the following signature achievements:

  • We tripled the number of youth Civic Influencers we deployed as “boots on campuses,” growing the number of peer-to-peer organizers we are training from 100 to 300 per term. 
  • Beginning in 2021 and into 2022, we recruited, funded, and trained 716 Civic Influencers who led peer-to-peer organizing in priority states and districts at 172 campuses across 29 states + the District of Columbia — and who will continue to use their civic engagement, advocacy, and leadership skills well into the future. 
  • By centering diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are proud to report that 80% of our current cohort of youth Civic Influencers self-identify as people of color, closely mirroring the student populations we serve.
  • Civic Influencers directly engaged with over 156,000 young people by working on their systemic change projects and activities such as one-to-one conversations on campuses, attending voting events, signing petitions, and registering over 8,000 young people to vote.