Unified Field

I am primarily interested in location and topography and how it is intertwined with architecture, building, structures and their inhabitants. By working within art and architecture, I aim to create a place where they combine to create another visual language in addressing “space-defining elements” to help the mass population maximize their freedom to determine the potential future of imagined structures. The end result will be a series of structures, exploring alternative materials, in this case found plate glass (where the material embodies it’s own previous history), in which the viewer has to interact and maneuver around, thus involving them in a new physical situation.

With this new sculptural work for the Abrons Art Center, there is a temporal state of flux and in turn it will become a “unified field” of sorts. These site-specific pieces will be made on location with found plate glass and the history that comes with it. Then I use the imagery from housing projects or other experimental housing structures for the basis of the cutting patterns for the structure to build upon. I then slot and build more pieces around itself in a very organic, Metabolist way, allowing for a unique piece to “grow” in the site.