Vision for a Voluntary World

We believe that everything important in life can be done voluntarily. We urgently need to shift to a voluntary world in order to solve pressing issues at every scale. It’s not just an imperative; it’s also enjoyable. In order to give people the confidence that a voluntary world is desirable, possible, and enjoyable, we have to show how it works.

Our upcoming videos are “The Vision” and “The Transition”. “The Vision” advocates for voluntary childhood (AKA childhood liberation, intuitive-led learning or self-directed education), and showing how it leads to voluntary adulthood. We look at how emotions like self-love, self-assurance, and self-respect come from self-determination and autonomy. We also feature clips from self-directed childhood communities and how they approach life. When we understand those emotional dynamics, we can then establish how they can function in relation to our basic needs and what makes life worth living.

So how do we get there? “The Transition” explains how we can get from “the involuntary world,” as we call it, to a voluntary one. This uses the analysis in part one to describe the process of personal and social transformation. If we understand how we’ve been emotionally shaped within this society, we can understand how to reshape ourselves, allow our children to thrive in self-direction, and let the next generation of the world emerge from their imaginations. We draw insights from personal experience as well as from authors such as Akilah Richards (Raising Free People), adrienne maree brown (Emergent Strategy), A.S. Neill (Summerhill), and Elinor Ostrom (Governing the Commons).