“While You Are Out”

While You Are Out lands audiences in the heart of Shakespeare’s imagination as woven into “Midsummer Night’s Dream” Act II where the fairies and sprites along with their king & queen play tricks on each other or anyone else who may find themselves wandering through the forest past dark.  Sova Theater brings the breath and magic of the forest right into NYC’s urban setting at LaMama!

Sova Theater’s hand, rod and shadow puppets by Justin Perlman & Adelka Polak entangle natural plant materials with textiles and handmade papers into some larger than life forms creating a basis for our forest characters in this constructed and wondrous reality of the fairy kingdom.

This performance invites audiences to come both ready to dance and dressed as fairies, sprites and woodland creatures. Crystal Cymbalogy will create magical rhythms for our feet and wings. Come help to bring the forest to life at La Mama as we dive into our dreams here among the trees, winged creatures and tricksters.  The audience members receive a handmade butterfly puppet upon entering this new world to bring the beauty of the forest to life.


Photo Credit: Linda van Egmond
Oberon Puppeteer/Performer: Karen Bruce