Within Arm’s Reach

WITHIN ARM’S REACH relates the events of six months in the life of The McLaughlin family. When unmarried, 29-year-old Gracie discovers that she is pregnant, her decision to keep the baby affects her entire family, particularly her younger sister, Lila, and their Grandmother, Catharine. Lila, reeling from her sister’s impulsive decision finds herself suddenly struggling to find direction and meaning in her own, once straightforward, life and Catharine, sensing her time may be coming to an end, is desperate for this new baby to bring the family together in a way that nothing else can. All three women find themselves at pivotal times in their lives where every decision is fraught with consequence and the only solace is a flawed family to which each has trouble connecting.

An original adaptation of Ann Napolitano’s novel of the same name, WITHIN ARM’S REACH will run for 12 performances in March of 2014 at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City, NY. Going to Tahiti Productions will use its unique approach to adaptation, its innovative use of light, sound, projections, set design and movement and its creative casting to bring this beautiful story to vivid and powerful life. Tickets on sale now at www.goingtotahitiproductions.com