Genres Photography

Fracking Photographs (2014)

Merolla, Brandi

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

I illustrate the many dangers associated with the entire fracking production process in my staged photographs, telling big stories with little figures. These vintage figurines are now living in an industrial nightmare just like many Americans. Read More

The Climate Change Solutions Project: Billboard Art

Merolla, Brandi

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

I enlarged one of my Climate Change Solutions images into a large billboard. Public art has the power to connect with the curious and unite the viewers. 18,000 cars pass this billboard weekly reading "SOLAR POWER!" Thank you to The Puffin Foundation for making this project happen! Read More

Harmit Singh’s War

Mohaiemen, Naeem

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Harmit Singh was trained as an architect but left transnational projects in Kenya in the mid-60s to become a photojournalist in India. One of his most famous projects was on the “discovery” of Black Ethiopian Jews for National Geographic. This project looks at his departure from photojournalism. Read More

Silent Sentinels

Morris, Allen

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Along the invisible line that divides North and South Dakota lies a string of quartzite monuments, this line of stone monuments to politics, separation, and territoriality is documented and explored in the body of work titled “Silent Sentinels,” a series of photogrammetric models and 3D prints. Read More

Legacy of Exiled NDNZ (2014)

Peters, Pamela J.

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

LEGACY OF EXILED NDNZ documents the lives of seven American Indian young adults currently living in Los Angeles, California. Shot in a neorealist visual aesthetic reminiscent of Kent Mackenzie’s 1961 film, The Exiles. Read More

First Comes Love

Proud, B.

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

First Comes Love is a celebration of long-term relationships in the LGBTQ community through black and white photographic portraits with accompanying stories, and video. The hardbound book published by Soleil Press will be available in September 2014. Read More

Back to the Beginning – Bastrop State Park

Reid, Stephanie

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

“Back to the Beginning – Bastrop State Park” is a photography project created to raise funds for the 6,600-acre park after the worst wildfire in Texas history devastated a large portion of it.In the fall of 2011, the majority of the 6,600-acre Bastro Read More

Spring 2022 issue of ZEKE Magazine features sustainable solutions to the climate crisis

Reportage International (DBA Social Documentary Network)

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

The Spring 2022 print and digital issue of “ZEKE: The Magazine of Global Documentary” focuses on sustainable solutions to the climate crisis with photographs by Kiliii Yuyan, Giacomo d'Orlando, and Sarah Fretwell, and others. Read More

Two Sisters

Sablin, Nadia

Year Grant Awarded: 2011

Two Sisters details the daily routines of elderly unmarried women, whose lives in a small Russian village have suffered little change over the decades. Read More

The Fruitful Wound: Photographs of Harlem Gardens

Santella, Dennis

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

Since the summer of 2008 I have been mapping and photographing Community Gardens and lots in Harlem. Unlike buildings and storefronts, owned and constructed by others, the gardens are planned and constructed according to the whims of their members. Read More