Grantee tags indigenous

Graniceros of Amecameca, Mexico

Sorrentino, Joseph

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Graniceros are traditional Mexican shamans who perform ceremonies to control the weather, ceremonies that have remained essentially unchanged for hundreds of years. The ceremonies follow the agricultural cycle, taking place from February through November. Read More

Puffin Foundation

Demon Mineral

Formidable Entities

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

DEMON MINERAL documents life in the radioactive desert on the Navajo Reservation. Spanning a landscape perforated by orphaned uranium mines in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, the film follows a group of indigenous scientists, elders, and activists as they work to protect a vital living space on cont Read More

One interactive, 7-professional-musician popular music concert and educational presentation, at a continuation high school that provide inspiration for at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area.

Saturday Night Bath Concert Fund

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

Saturday Night Bath Band (leader + 6) produced and performd one, interactive, 2-hour concert (6-hours total including clinics) at a school, providing access to live music performance, history, and composition creation for at-risk-students who have had little or none before. Read More

In the Fields of the North / En los campos del norte

Bacon, David

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

In the Fields of the North tells the story of the migration, grinding poverty yet vibrant culture of indigenous Mexican farmworkers on the Pacific Coast. Read More