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Launch of the public art Mural Project: A Sense of Place

Appleby Foundation - Tahawus Center

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Support for the 2022 launch of Au Sable Forks Outdoor Public Art Mural Project: "A Sense of Place" to foster local arts, culture, civic engagement - and joy! CHANGE is coming to Au Sable Forks, NY. Artist Georgeanne Gaffney, from Saranac Lake, is the selected muralist. Work begins in 2023. Read More


Murals of Baltimore (2006)/MIchael Kirby

Year Grant Awarded: 2006

A mural depicting the love affair between Napolean's younger brother, Jerome Bonaparte, and a girl from Baltimore, Elizabeth Patterson. The mural is a 3D Street Art project that is meant to be viewed on an angle. Read More