ACLU Annual Report: Puffin Foundation Spotlight

December 23, 2013

Gladys Miller-Rosenstein spent her childhood in Manhattan, paging through books about labor unions and marches for justice. Perry Rosenstein spent his in the Bronx, taking part in demonstrations hoisted on his father’s shoulders.

For the Rosensteins, the seeds of social activism planted in their childhood continue to blossom years later through their work at the Puffin Foundation, Ltd., of Teaneck, NJ.

“History has proven that social activism is important and has a role in America,” said Perry Rosenstein, who started the foundation in 1983 with money from his tool manufacturing business. “Without it, America would not advance any further.”

The foundation awards grants to artists, performers, and advocacy groups that are involved in social activism. These gifts have gone to support Planned Parenthood, The Nation Magazine, “Democracy Now!” and many other people and groups that fights for social justice. Last year, a grant from The Puffin Foundation helped to produce the limited edition of prints by artist Faith Ringgold, created specifically for the ACLU-NJ.

More recently, The Puffin Foundation, Ltd., has made a generous three-year pledge in support of the human rights work of the ACLU of New Jersey and the national ACLU. The ACLU is proud to have the foundation as a partner in this work. “I grew up understanding the importance of working with people and fighting for what was right,” said Gladys Miller-Rosenstein. “Social activism is about trying to undo the wrongs that we see in this society and trying to work toward making the playing field equal.”

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