Grantee tags birds

Mapping Bird Migrations From radar data to silver gelatin artworks

Elrick, Krista

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Mapping bird migrations with data from radar weather stations is an essential tool for scientists who study bird behavior and conservation biology. Radar technology records movement in a similar way that silver-gelatin film records light. Read More

Crazy Bird Lady

Spectromatics LLC

Year Grant Awarded: 2020

An older Indian American woman Uma, obsesses over her pet birds at the expense of her relationships and health in the midst of racial strife and a raging pandemic. Read More

Retracing Audubon: Contemporary Landscapes

Elrick, Krista

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

Inspired by Audubon’s widely collected and revered publication Episodes and pre-civil war writings, photographer Krista Elrick reexamines his epic journey. Her landscapes highlight the environmental changes that have occurred in the 200 years. Read More