Grantee tags world war II

Verzet Amsterdam [Resistance Amsterdam]

Kahn, Barbara

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

Verzet Amsterdam [Resistance Amsterdam] is the true story of the valiant Dutch artists in World War II occupied Amsterdam who banded together to resist fascism and protect Jews from deportation and death. When their first efforts faced exposure, they planned a more decisive and violent action. Read More

Unreachable Eden

Kahn, Barbara

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

“UNREACHABLE EDEN” is a stand-alone musical drama sequel to The Spring and Fall of Eve Adams. It follows the Polish Jewish lesbian from 1920’s New York to France before and during World War II. Music composed by Arthur Abrams. Lyrics by Barbara Kahn. Read More

Nights of Wrath

Horizon Theatre Rep

Year Grant Awarded: 2005

Staging of War world II Play. Nights of Wrath by Armand Salacrou. HTR commissioned The first English-language staging. t deals with the anti-Nazi resistance, in which Salacrou himself was a participant. Read More