Network for Responsible Public Policy

March 14, 2021

The Puffin Foundation is a proud sponsor of multiple NFRPP online webinars. See those events here.

In 2009, a small group of individuals observed disturbing changes in the way information is communicated in the United States. They were troubled about the effects of an ever-intensifying polarization on public policy issues. They saw how polarized positions divided friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors, and realized that partisan informational silos were a threat to democracy. In response, the group launched NFRPP to provide the stories that would educate, inform, foster civic engagement, and generate a sense of shared purpose. More than a decade later, NFRPP continues to build bridges founded on trustworthy information and community.

As an organization, NFRPP is committed to credible information, which includes reliable data, facts, research, analyses, and critical thinking. We invite our audiences to engage, ask questions, draw their own conclusions, seek more stories, and help to keep our democracy dynamic and viable.

The NFRPP Impact

“We are making a difference. Our surveys overwhelmingly find that participants are more likely to benefit from our stories, question their assumptions, ask questions, listen, speak up in the face of falsehoods, and embrace more nuanced positions. Those participating with NFRPP are also more likely to become involved in elections and issue advocacy. That is democracy at its best!”

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