Peace Pole Ceremony at Puffin Foundation

December 2, 2009

Event Photos

This ceremony took place Wednesday November 9th at the Puffin Foundation.

We have sought to have our voice for peace heard. A world without war is a universal desire by untold millions of people. We have erected a “Peace Pole” on The Puffin Foundation Ltd. property located at 20 Puffin Way in Teaneck, NJ and in doing so have become a member of the Peace Pole family in the state of New Jersey.

The Peace Pole states in 8 languages “Let Peace prevail on Earth.” There are presently 264 peace sites throughout New Jersey. We are proud to be one of the new sites.

A ceremony was held on November 9, 2011 outside the Foundation offices. In attendance to dedicate the Peace Pole were State Senator Loretta Weinberg, Teaneck Town Council member Barbara Toffler, Judith Arnold Peace Pole official(New Jersey Peace Action and National Peace Action), Jules Orkin Puffin Foundation Peace Fellow, Supt. of schools Barbara Pinsack, Assistant Supt. of schools Vincent McHale, Walter Nygard of Veterans for Peace, executives of the Puffin Foundation Perry Rosenstein, President, Gladys Miller-Rosenstein Executive Director and Neal Rosenstein Vice President. The student band and ensemble group from Thomas Jefferson Middle School led by music teacher Vincent Pittman, provided entertainment. Anyone who wished to make a statement about world peace was invited to address the audience.

The Peace Pole ceremony will become an annual event.

Photos by: Rachel Banai

Gladys Miller-Rosenstein, Executive Director of The Puffin Foundation, Ltd. Judith Arnold of New Jersey Peace Action and National Peace Action
Jules Orkin, Puffin Peace Fellow
Barbara Pinsack, Superintendent of Teaneck Public Schools
Vincent McHale, Assistant Superintendent of Teaneck Public Schools
Barbara Toffler, Town Council Member
tate Senator Loretta Weinberg
Walt Nygard, Vice President of Veterans for Peace Chapter 21
Walt Nygard, Sarah Davol, and Vanessa DiBona
Neal Rosenstein, Vice President of The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School Bands
Vincent Pittman, Music Teacher
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