Genres Environmental

Early Career Artists

Orion Magazine

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Deemed by the Boston Globe "America’s finest environmental magazine," Orion has received several Puffin grants. Ad-free and artistically presented, Orion produces print and digital editions that address the most pressing environmental issues. Read More

Spring 2022 issue of ZEKE Magazine features sustainable solutions to the climate crisis

Reportage International (DBA Social Documentary Network)

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

The Spring 2022 print and digital issue of “ZEKE: The Magazine of Global Documentary” focuses on sustainable solutions to the climate crisis with photographs by Kiliii Yuyan, Giacomo d'Orlando, and Sarah Fretwell, and others. Read More

The Green Room (2014)

Scoates, Vandy

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

The Green Room is a project website that was created to explore, research and share ideas about producing sustainable theatre in North America. The website include a multitude of resources for finding sustainable options, readings and products. Read More

Emergence of Heart

Scott, Liv

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

EMERGENCE OF HEART is an experience designed to open up intimate and personal conversations across America about the shared roots of the climate crisis and systemic oppression. Read More

Communicating the Climate Crisis: Posters envisioning a better world for the next generations

Shenefield, Barbara

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Engaging the youthful viewer in a vision of a better world and a better future that we can create: what does that future look like? Let’s dream big and beautiful. Read More

In Deep Water: Turning the Tide

Taback, Jami

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

This installation at The Tides Converge Gallery, San Francisco is the result of a collaboration of two California artists, Printmaker, Jami Taback, and Papermaker, Jane Ingram Allen, about our climate crisis and environmental problems related to water. Read More

Walking with Trees

Wallen, Ruth

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

“Walking with Trees,” bears witness to trees dying from urbanization, globalization, in the form of invasive species, and climate change. Images and texts combined in installations and performative readings offer public places to grieve, and from that opening of heart, to reimagine anew. Read More

Agua, Vida y Tierra

What Will the Neighbors Say?

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

"Agua, Vida y Tierra" is a bilingual multimedia documentary theatre piece about Puerto Rico and the colonial relationship between the island and the United States. Read More

Pete Seeger’s Legacy: IF I HAD A HAMMER


Year Grant Awarded: 2016

Assessing the folk-singer/activist's lasting gifts to the world. Read More


Zallman, Toby

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

“reefscollapse” is a project that attempts to bring awareness to how we, as individuals, by the choices we make, contribute to climate change and the destruction of the earth’s ecosystems. The work addresses the catastrophe of the bleaching and collapse of the world’s coral reefs. Read More