Genres Fine Arts

Time to Leave

Bassis, Aileen

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

Aileen Bassis "Time to Leave" "It was time to leave when we had nothing to eat" "It was time to leave when fires burned" "It was time to leave when my child was sick" Back to: Series of photopolymer etchings with image and text on the theme of refugees and migration. Read More

Beauty & (Im)Balance ~ Quarantine Backyard Mandalas

Bennett, Maureen

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

My backyard woodland is my art laboratory within the greater context of the global climate crisis. Biodiversity is changing due to proliferation of invasive plants which crowd out native ones that have thrived for millennia. I want to bring environmental awareness and create beauty out of chaos. Read More

Ghana Mural Project

Bergart, Andrea

Year Grant Awarded: 2011

The Ghana Mural Project combined my own artistic language with Ghanaian patterns to create a neighborhood mural celebrating and providing color and cultural enrichment to a neglected and impoverished neighborhood. Read More

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and How It Changed Everything??

Berger, Susan L

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

I created a middle three large panels giving the history of women who worked in the factories and the 1909 strike of women marching and then to the horrific fire at the shirtwaist factory and death of 146 mostly women and the viewer becomes witness. Read More

Colonial Colonnade

Bittar, Doris

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Colonial Colonnade, an immersive and interactive installation of text, sound, and movement layers the Arabic and English languages to make visible current and past iterations of colonialism. Arabic, often feared when seen in "Western" contexts, is accompanied by its English translations. Read More

Rural Women Unseen

Bortner, Lorrie

Year Grant Awarded: 2008

Represented through painting local rural women of the Taos, NM area. Read More

Taos Community Mural

Bortner, Lorrie

Year Grant Awarded: 2010

Lorrie Bortner and local youth designed and executed a mural on the exterior wall of the Taos Youth and Family Center, Taos, NM. It includes cultural and seasonal elements. It's title is Seasons of Taos. Young children painted the fish on the bottom. Read More

Unlearning Imperialism

Bouchard , Renée

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Renée Bouchard used the grant for The Unlearning Collective which seeks to challenge imperial thought and influences embedded in everyday experiences. In our work, we interrupt the normalization of violence in language, historical narratives, and social, economic, and political othering. Read More

Stack and Rack

BroLab Collective

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

A large scale public sculpture, Stack and Rack, consists of sixteen modular blocks assembled in two variations on during Newark Open Doors 2012 in Newark, NJ. Read More

Urban Martyrs

Brown, Jasmine Iona

Year Grant Awarded: 2011

My project is a series of egg tempera portraits of murdered children of color painted in the Byzantine icon style. I want to address these tragic killings in a way that honors the humanity of the victims. Read More