Grantee tags photography

Woman Wearing Ring Shields Face from Flash

England, Odette

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

This project investigates relationships between guns, cameras, human hands, and gender violence against women. Read More

We’re Going Home

Eder, Melissa

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

We’re Going Home is a photo-based project that explores the my father’s birthplace and childhood home on Lewis Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. This project further investigates how fantasy, folklore and facts are intertwined to create a personal family narrative. Read More

Still, Life: A Photographic Journey Through Grief

Treanor, Sarah

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

"Still, Life" is a photographic self-portrait series exploring the transformative power of art during times of grief. Created by the artist resulting a death in her life, this project aims to raise awareness about the value of art and creativity in healing, both for the creator and the viewer. Read More

Photography After Photography (A Reckoning)

Gould, Meggan

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

This project is equal parts textbook, cookbook, and manifesto. Using both plant-based photographs and text, I explore an alternative material future for the photographic medium. Read More

Envision: Community Portrait Day

First Exposures

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

First Exposures' Envision brought together the Women's Building, de Young Museum, and the Center for Cultural Power for a day of community portraits made by our mentee photographers. In just 4 hours, First Exposures youth photographed and gifted framed portraits to over 400 people— an absolute feat! Read More

On Nochaway Presentation

Anna Gage Norton

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

This work documents one example of forest restoration to promote biodiversity for a sustainable ecosystem. During a critical time as we reach a point of no return for climate change, I believe it is crucial to highlight efforts by citizens and illustrate that global change begins locally. Read More

Good Luck with the Sun

Steinke, Krista

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

"Good Luck with the Sun" is a photographic project that focuses on the sun as the main subject in order to explore the complexity of the natural world and the physical and psychological impact of our greatest energy source. Read More

Soil Ecology

Eckel, Kelly

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

The soil is the skin of our planet which most people take for granted.  It is vital to understand the systems in our environment so that we don’t degrade them. My work is an expression of joy that engages me to move through the world in respectful manner. Read More

At the Hands of Persons Unknown

Würfel, Gesche

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

"At the Hands of Persons Unknown" explores how trees have been silent witnesses to the lynching of women in the U.S.. Given the renewed interest into the many ways women are oppressed by contemporary power structures, exploring the forgotten history of female lynching is both timely and relevant. Read More

Fracking Photographs

Merolla, Brandi

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

I illustrate the many dangers associated with the entire fracking production process in my staged photographs, telling big stories with little figures. These vintage figurines are now living in an industrial nightmare just like many Americans. They, are us. BAN FRACKING NOW! Read More