Grantee tags gender


Olson, Sky

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Gender.Network is a digital archive of flyers, photos, artwork, cartoons, letters, poems, and other media by trans, Two Spirit, non-binary, and gender liberation activists, organizers, and artists. Read More

Amazons Among Us: An Antidote to Gender Misconceptions

Dodson, Donna

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

My project, Amazons Among Us: An Antidote to Gender Misconceptions, was exhibited at the Brandeis University Women's Studies Research Center Kniznick Gallery in November 2022. The Puffin Funds were used to complete the final animation that became a focal point of the exhibition and related programs. Read More


Ialeggio, Anna

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

2 DIFFRN'T HAYSTACKS explores the spectrum of identities and agencies that constitute “land use”– the shifting, flickering terms on which humans individually and collectively expect to encounter our natural environments. Read More

No Pants In Tucson

The Anthropologists

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

The Anthropologists presents the World Premiere of No Pants in Tucson. It’s the year 1883 and an ordinance prohibiting women from wearing pants has been ordered in Tucson. In the subversive new comedy, No Pants In Tucson, The Anthropologists dares to calculate the cost of gender oppression. Read More


Brake-Sillá, Nikki

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

How does toxic masculinity evolve? Is it when a single mother coddles her son because of the guilt she has for being both mother and father? Is it when “we” force our sons into identities where softness and masculinity cannot coexist? Read More

The Feminist Strip Club

Sheets, Monica

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

The Feminist Strip Club is a group of current and former erotic dancers who explore the present conditions of and utopian visions for stripping. We hold events, make performances, publish zines, and more. Read More

World Premiere Production of Yarns

No Dominion Theatre Co.

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

Yarns is an original devised performance by No Dominion Theatre Co. that debuted in Jersey City in 2018. Yarns utilizes various found texts and burlesque as the framework to examine parallels between fiber arts and sex work to explore connections among what society and the media deem “women’s work." Read More

SEZ ME (2014)


Year Grant Awarded: 2013

A Queer webseries intended for children and their allies Read More