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Progressive Diasporas

Prajapati, Sheetal

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Progressive Diasporas is a curatorial project series exploring the experiences and intersections of immigrant diasporas through a set of collaboratively developed, cumulative experiences and events featuring artist Umber Majeed and artist collective Adobo-Fish-Sauce. Read More

FROM PAGE TO STAGE- A CARIBBEAN JOURNEY- A Tribute to Trinidadian Playwright Zeno Obi Constance

Banana Boat Productions

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

On Monday December 10, 2018, Banana Boat Productions brought together an ensemble comprised of some of New York's best known Caribbean American actors to pay tribute to one of the region's most iconic playwrights, Zeno Obi Constance The event was called, “From Page to Stage- A Caribbean Journey” Read More


The Performance Project

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

First Generation Ensemble toured Tenderness, a multi-lingual, physical theater piece that underscores the connections between racism, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, hyper-masculinity, violence and the power of human connection. Read More


Davies, Paul Adrian

Year Grant Awarded: 2016

Parades are a celebration of cultural identity and an affirmation of what makes a community unique. New York City is home to more parades than any other place in the world, with over forty different parades held in the city each year. These parades are a testament to the city’s multi-culturalism. Read More


East Lynne Theater Company

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

EMMA GOLDMAN: MY LIFE re-creates the tumultuous life of the early 20th Century American feminist and workers’ advocate who became a target of J. Edgar Hoover’s fledgling FBI. Performer/Playwright: Lorna Lable. Director: Karen Case Cook. Read More