Grantees All Years

In Deep Water: Turning the Tide

Taback, Jami

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

This installation at The Tides Converge Gallery, San Francisco is the result of a collaboration of two California artists, Printmaker, Jami Taback, and Papermaker, Jane Ingram Allen, about our climate crisis and environmental problems related to water. Read More

Past is Present: Margaret Horn presents “Mohawk Ironworkers”

Tahawus Center

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

“Past is Present” - Margaret Horn, Mohawk from the Kahnawake, Bear Clan, curator of past Tahawus exhibits is also Associate Producer/ Director, and now through Tahawus Center, presents her new documentary, “Mohawk Ironworkers.” Read More

Au Sable Forks Film Series

Tahawus Center, Au Sable Forks, NY

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

In 2015, Tahawus Center began a new collaboration with its next door neighbor, the Hollywood Theater, playing the key role in designing and launching the new film series devoted to cultural, educational, foreign, indie fare. Read More


Takagi, Hidemi

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

IDENTITIES is a photography installation project (Portraits + Interview) portraying biracial/multiracial subjects. I seek to envision deep roots and explore issues of mixed-race identities as they manifest in neighborhoods in New York, other cities, that contain diverse racial intersections. Read More


Team Sunshine Performance Corporation

Year Grant Awarded: 2016

¡BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! OR WELCOME WHITE PEOPLE! explores Cuba’s long history of appeasing/revolting against dominantly “white” nations and economic forces. The piece puts on display how this history has shaped the ways contemporary individuals of Cuban descent understand themselves and their culture. Read More


Tedford, Matthew Harrison

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

A rugged, agrarian landscape on the California-Oregon border bears witness to the region’s violent past. This cinematic essay meditates on the landscapes that tell, reinvent, and obscure the history of the nineteenth-century Modoc War. Read More

Tenderloin Art Lending Library

Tenderloin Art Lending Library

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

TALL, the Tenderloin Art Lending Library, is a neighborhood-based, queer-artist - run-project, that loans original artwork, much of it by Tenderloin artists, to poor Tenderloin residents and others free-of-charge. Modeled on social practice, TALL cre Read More

Neighborhood Revitalization Music Video Project

Tennessee Alliance for Progress/Shelby Bottom String Band

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Music video of a song, Displacement Blues, by Nashville songwriter/activist Nell Levin. Song dubbed "Nashville's newest social justice anthem" by the Tennessean. Deals with affordable housing crisis in this booming city. Has been shown widely. Read More

Desert Agave

Teppich, Naomi

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

My ferro-cement sculpture "Desert Agave" is inspired by plant forms that have adopted to the desert climate in the southwest US. Perhaps this type of plant will be found in the northeast in the near future as temperatures continue to rise. Read More

1,000 Square Feet Project

Thackray, Amanda

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

I travelled to Florida to create a new section of my project “1,000 Square Feet,” which presents a fictional landscape of an oceanic garbage gyre. It is a large-scale, site-responsive project, created through processes that are rooted in time spent observing global waterways.  Read More