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Murals of Baltimore (2008)/MIchael Kirby

Year Grant Awarded: 2008

A 3D street painting created using anamorphic or forced perspective. Michael Kirby developed this unique style while studying art 20 years ago. This ephemeral street painting was created in the state of Maryland Read More

Watercolors of Majestic Trees-Awareness of Global Warming

Nappi, Ninetta

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

My watercolors of "Majestic Trees" were created for the purpose of Global Warming Awareness. A major concern in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, trees have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, the gas most responsible for this greenhouse effect. Read More


Nazari, Zahra

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

Uprooted, a painting exhibition by Zahra Nazari is a spotlight on the lives of immigrants through the unique lens of Nazari’s abstract art style. Read More

Jamaica Bay Pamphleteering Project

Nicholls, Sarah

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

My funded project included three letterpress printed publications on the history, ecology, and communities around Jamaica Bay in NYC, which were distributed to a mailing list of 150 people, as well as a walking tour and an artist talk. Read More

NLE Curatorial Lab: Intersecting Imaginaries

No Longer Empty

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Eight curators from NLE Curatorial Lab program presented "Intersecting Imaginaries" in the former Grand Plaza Hotel at 900 Grand Concourse- an exhibition that considers mapping as a method for understanding place, time, and identity in the Bronx. Read More

Martine Fougeron, Trades/Oficios/Métiers (2012)

No Longer Empty

Year Grant Awarded: 2012

Martine Fougeron presents a selection of photographs called Trades/Oficios/ Métiers in the South Bronx. The project highlights the historic and economic importance of the industries of Hunts Point and Port Morris to the wider New York community. Read More

Artistic Responses to the Holocaust Using New Technology

Nobler, Leslie

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

I am creating a body of work AND art lessons for educators about WWII & the Holocaust. After researching Anne Frank and other heroes/survivors on-site and through literature, I respond with digital prints, art books, & “history-through-art” workshops Read More

The Indifference of Wisdom


Year Grant Awarded: 2013

The Indifference of Wisdom questions our social norms by looking for works that embody transgression. We all seem to follow a pattern everyone is afraid to divert from. Read More

Map of Water Project

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

With a fascination for maps, the concept of mapping, and a deep sense of environmental changes, artist Susan Osgood began a series of monotype prints, paintings and drawings seeking to find and document the very essence of water. Read More

Counterpoint Project

Patrick Earl Hammie

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

This project is a co-creation with Patrick Earl Hammie and dancer and choreographer Endalyn Taylor that explores, discusses, and reframes the ongoing cultural and critical contributions of black ballerinas in dance and visual culture. Read More

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