Genres Fine Arts

Amazons Among Us: An Antidote to Gender Misconceptions

Dodson, Donna

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

My project, Amazons Among Us: An Antidote to Gender Misconceptions, was exhibited at the Brandeis University Women's Studies Research Center Kniznick Gallery in November 2022. The Puffin Funds were used to complete the final animation that became a focal point of the exhibition and related programs. Read More

Illinois River Project

Don Hải Phú Daedalus

Year Grant Awarded: 2016

The Illinois River Projects pilots the process of using the fish bones of invasive carp to remediate soil polluted with heavy metals. Read More

Bearing Witness

Douglas, Pam

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Bearing Witness is an art book that tells the stories of refugees. In drawings and paintings, it invites audiences into fictional lives escaping wars and climate change. Its 448 pages have two parts: the journeys and the camp. This is a work of dramatized art that mirrors today’s reality. Read More


Dunn, Teresa

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Exhibition Catalog of 16 paintings with essay by Teri Henderson to accompany my solo exhibition of paintings entitled "US" at the Dennos Museum in Traverse City, Michigan Read More

The Journey Home Project

Dunnagan, Lindsey

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

This labyrinth is made from ideas of home. For the past year, people from North Texas and beyond submitted special locations and then I painted them onto clear acrylic walls that form a meditative path. The project offers a journey of treasures. Read More

Land Enveloped

Dunnagan, Lindsey

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Land Enveloped is a magical and immersive fiber installation. Made of pliable walls, visitors are invited to create new paths through a landscape reminiscent of my childhood in Alaska. Read More


Ferara, Eileen

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

Invasion is a print-based installation and book art project inspired by a single seedpod known as Devil’s Head Pods. The plant is a non-native invasive species to North America. Exhibited at gaia studio gallery, the work aims to promote contemplation of the fragility of balance in the environment. Read More

‘A Study of Form in Light and Shadow’

Figura, Gregg

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

'A Study of Form in Light and Shadow' is an active metaphor which embodies the environmental and societal changes we experience in a world that is in a constant state of change through… natural chaos. Chaos, is a complex state of order which is experientially rational and irrational - simultaneousl Read More


Fillenwarth, Bonnie

Year Grant Awarded: 2010

I linked the ancient Amazon women who would amputate a breast in order to better shoot a bow and arrow to the modern day fight against breast cancer. A portion of the sales went to local breast cnacer research. Read More

Compensation for Loss

Fine Foer, Anna

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

The series comments upon historic and contemporary scientific inquiry into biological and mineral realms. Anna combines traditional collage, digital media, and painting as she explores the pressing issues of loss, adaptation, and survival in the natural world. Read More