Genres Music

The Mischlinge Exposé

Carolyn Enger

Year Grant Awarded: 2016

Through music and film, Carolyn Enger's Mischlinge Exposé paints a complex portrait of one of the greatest tragedies in the modern era and its continued relevance to our current historical moment. Read More

Corridos de Celestino

Celestino Fernandez

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

“Corridos de Celestino” is a 2-CD project of original corridos, Mexican ballads. The CDs are accompanied by a booklet that sets each corrido in context and includes the words. The songs are interpreted by six different musicians in a variety of styles. Read More


Central Louisiana Arts & Healthcare Inc.

Year Grant Awarded: 2011

This project enabled us to hire dancers and musicians to pefform in lobbies and waiting rooms of two local hospitals on a regular basis. These artists also visited individual patient rooms as well. Read More

Jazz Arts Program for all Ages (2014)

Contemporary Arts Inc

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

Jazz Arts Program for all ages supports our mission to perpetuate the art form of jazz through performance and education, bring jazz music to a variety of audiences in our community and create an uplifting environment for children, youth and families Read More

Honoring Refugee Composers

Crossing Borders Music

Year Grant Awarded: 2018

Crossing Borders Music honored refugees around the world in this performance of music written by or about refugees! Read More

Whale Bones and the Boundary of a Fish (2014)

Dexa, Alexa

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

Curated field recordings and lyrical historical narratives transforming Long Island landscapes into soundscapes. Read More

Song Quilts: A Celebration of Stitch and Song

Eliza Hardy Jones

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

The Song Quilts project is a visual interpretation of folk songs from the American South and the Russian Arctic. Each quilt is an exact “color transcription” of songs recorded during interviews with women across Russia and the US. Read More

mise-en music festival (2014)

Ensemble Mise-en Inc.

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

A Four-Day New Music Festival in Manhattan, NY, June 19- June 22 Featuring ensemble mise-en (NY), the Momenta Quartet (NY), and Ensemble Paramirabo (Canada) Read More


Experimental Sound Studio

Year Grant Awarded: 2022

Ongoing since 2001, Florasonic is the longest-running sound installation commissioning program in the U.S. Florasonic invites musicians and artists to create four-channel compositions for installation in Chicago's Lincoln Park Conservatory Fern Room. Read More

Departing Landscape: Shooting Stars

Frances White

Year Grant Awarded: 2021

This is a work for clarinet, saxophone, vibraphone, and violin, inspired by the incomparable and sublime beauty of Denali National Park, a wilderness that is, for all its power, as fragile as the wildflowers that blanket its tundra. Read More