Genres Video, Film & Radio

Sacrifice Zones

Media Project

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Sacrifice Zones, a one-hour radio documentary, investigates the push to turn the Pacific Northwest into a fossil fuel export hub and tracks opposition to these proposals from broad segments of the community. Read More


Media Projects Inc.

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

IN HERS SHOES is a documentary about Dallas County female inmates participating in an innovative art and writing course where they reflect on where they have been, where they are, and where they hope to go through their relationship with shoes and the long, winding paths they have traveled with them Read More

Small Town, Turn Away

Medina, Dolissa

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

A documentary portrait of the filmmaker’s Mexican-American border hometown of Brownsville, Texas 30 years after she left as a queer teenager, following in the footsteps of a cousin who died from AIDS. Meditating on home, history and migration, the director explores how place can exile and embrace. Read More

The Loneliest

Mehrel, Lilian

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Go 'behind-the-scenes' of British nature show Ocean Discovery in this comic mockumentary short film: Violet (a wry camera-girl) Ingrid (a passionate marine biologist) look for the loneliest whale (with a voice too high for other whales to hear.) Read More

Direct Route

Minty, Pam

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

Direct Route ​observes a blind woman navigating her domestic surroundings, presented alongside landscape images and the retelling of memories prior to losing her vision. Read More

Young Adult

Narrative Films

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

Striving to increase the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Hollywood, the short film YOUNG ADULT partners actors with disabilities with fellows from the American Film Institute to tell the story of two teenagers with Cerebral palsy who experience first love on the last night of summer camp. Read More


New York Foundation of the Arts

Year Grant Awarded: 2017

This transmedia project tells the stories of ‘incorrigible’ girls in the US over the last 100 years - beginning with NY State. Drawing on the personal narratives of young women in “the system” the work investigates the history and present state of juvenile justice and social service for girls. Read More


Niro, Maria

Year Grant Awarded: 2015

"Un-War! features artist Krzysztof Wodiczko and his thought provoking political urban-interventions. Since 1968, the radical artist has been single-mindedly creating works for the purpose of challenging audiences all over the world on some of the mo Read More

Cold Sweat

Nyoka, Wi-Moto

Year Grant Awarded: 2019

A chilling coming-of-age anthology about making it to high school in one piece. Read More

Out of Bounds Radio Show

Out of Bounds Radio Show

Year Grant Awarded: 2013

The Out of Bounds Radio Show, now heading into its ninth year, is a 30-minute public affairs/arts interview show that airs on three NPR affiliates and one community radio station (WEOS, NY; WSKG,NY; WRNC,WI; KKRN,CA), and is independently produced in Read More

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